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●e inquired,

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“how shall we start It will occupy▓ us till doom’s-da

y if we und▓ertake to go through the whole of this.● I suppose there are some composers we can e●liminate 脿 priori, eh” “Oh, yes; B●eethoven, Mendelssohn, Wagner, ●Liszt, in particular, we needn’t trouble with▓.I’d keep an especially sharp eye out for Rub▓en-stein and Dvorak and Winiau▓ski.It’s fortunate that I’ve

preserved all th●e music I’ve ever owned.We can’t m▓iss it if we’re only patient enough.” “▓Well, here goes,” he cried, t●hrusting a thick pile of music int▓o my hands, and apportioning an equal amount to● himself. We were industrious.It is▓ needless that I should tarry with the inciden▓ts of our search.At daybre

ak we h●ad not yet quite finished, and we had not yet▓ struck any thing that bore th▓e slightest resemblance to the compositio▓n in question. “But little remains,” said▓ Merivale.“In another five minutes● we will have found it; or my first hypothe●sis was true.” “Your first hypothesis 癖 I inquired. “Yes—that

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